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What helps against cancer? Research. Since 1991, we have been investing in cancer research to gain new insights into the causes and development of cancer, to develop new and better treatments and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their loved ones.

Your gift means we can continue to improve the lives of people with cancer and their loved ones. We work together, to ensure everyone has an opportunity to prevent, detect, treat and survive cancer. Thank you for your generosity.

Account numbers

IBAN: CH67 0900 0000 3000 3090 1 | IBAN Recipient address: Swiss Cancer Research, Effingerstrasse 40, 3008 Bern | SWIFT: BIC POFICHBEXXX

Please use the aforementioned account for donations with a note (e.g. in memory of…, special occasion of the donation,...) or donate via our donations page - this helps us keep administrative costs to a minimum and invest more in cancer research. Thank you!

Your donation to Swiss Cancer Research is tax deductible.