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Scientific Committee

The Committee in April 2022 (from left to right): Nicola Aceto, Joerg Huelsken, Pedro Romero, Andrea Alimonti, Carlotta Sacerdote, Nancy Hynes (President), Jörg Beyer, Manuel Stucki, Francesco Bertoni, Aurel Perren, Mark Rubin, Markus Joerger. Missing: Corinne Bergelt, Andreas Boss, Stefan Michiels, Sophie Pautex, Tatiana Petrova, Lukas Sommer, Alexandre Theocharides

The Scientific Committee members review all requests for funding submitted by researchers to Swiss Cancer Research and its partner organization, the Swiss Cancer League. The Committee evaluates the research funding requests according to clearly defined criteria. The focus is always on whether the research projects have the potential to yield new knowledge on the prevention, development or treatment of cancer. In addition, the Committee ensures high scientific quality by assessing, for example, the originality and feasibility of the research projects - and recommends only the best for funding.

The 19 members of the Scientific Committee are recognized experts with outstanding scientific records of accomplishment. They are elected for a term of three years and can be re-elected twice. The Committee covers all research areas relevant to cancer research.

Members of the Scientific Committee


Prof. Dr. med. Mark A. Rubin

Clinical research

  • Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Rudolf Zwahlen 
  • Prof. Dr. med. Markus Jörger 
  • Prof. Dr. med. Aurel Perren 
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Boss 
  • PD Dr. med. Alexandre P.A. Theocharides 
  • Prof. Dr. med. Francesco Bertoni 

Psychosocial research

  • Prof. Dr. phil. Corinna Bergelt 
  • Prof. Dr. med. Sophie Pautex 

Fundamental research

  • Prof. Sven Rottenberg 
  • Prof. Dr. med Andrea Alimonti 
  • Prof. Dr. Joerg Huelsken 
  • Prof. Dr. Tatiana Petrova 
  • Prof. Mikael Pittet 
  • Prof. Dr. Manuel Stucki 
  • Prof. Dr. Nicola Aceto 
  • Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Lukas Sommer 

Epidemiological research

  • Dr. Stefan Michiels 
  • Dr. med. Carlotta Sacerdote