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Annual lists of funded projects

The foundation Swiss Cancer Research funds research projects from all aspects and methodologies. The most promising projects are identified by the the Scientific Committee.

The Swiss Cancer Research foundation works closely with its partner organization, the Swiss Cancer League, in the area of research funding. Twice a year, they jointly award funds to selected research projects. The research projects are awarded on the recommendation of the Scientific Committee.

In the year 2023, the combined efforts of the two partner organizations resulted in the funding of a sum total of 49 research projects and 5 fellowships, reaching a financial commitment of 16.7 million Swiss francs. The Swiss Cancer League contributed around 3.2 million, the Swiss Cancer Research foundation provided approximately 13.5 million in funding. 

Among the 49 projects that received funding, 21 are centered around basic research, 18 projects focus on clinical research, 2 projects delve into health services research, 6 projects are dedicated to psychosocial research, and 2 projects are in the field of epidemiology.