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Annual lists of funded projects

The foundation Swiss Cancer Research funds research projects from all aspects and methodologies. The most promising projects are identified by the the Scientific Committee.

Swiss Cancer Research works in close collaboration with its partner organization, Swiss Cancer League, in the area of research funding. Twice a year, they jointly award funds to support selected research projects. Research projects are awarded based on the recommendation of the the Scientific Committee.

In the first half of 2022, the Committee evaluated a total of 74 applications amounting to approximately 23 million Swiss francs. 47 of the 74 applications were deemed by the Committee to be solid and promising and were therefore recommended for funding. Of these projects recommended for support, Swiss Cancer Research was able to fund a total of 26 research projects and three fellowshipts totaling 9 million Swiss francs. The foundation also funds three SAMW MD-PhD fellowships totaling 506,404 Swiss francs.