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We enable progress

Swiss Cancer Research has been investing in research since 1991 and has since become one of the most important research funders in the field of cancer. The foundation evaluates all research projects submitted from the entire field of cancer research - and supports the best and most promising projects with more than 20 million Swiss francs annually.

Half a century ago, a diagnosis of childhood leukemia meant certain death; today, four out of five children can be successfully treated. The survival prospects of many other cancer patients have also improved significantly over the past 50 years. All of this progress is based on intensive and sometimes painstaking research that continues to identify and test new treatment options - and thus expand our knowledge of the disease.

Every research success - even if it may seem small and not very significant in itself - justifiably fuels the hope that we will continue to succeed in making significant advances in the treatment and control of cancer. This conviction drives Swiss Cancer Research to fund promising research projects with the donations entrusted to it.

So that research, that otherwise would not be conducted can thrive.
Basic research is important because it creates a better understanding of how cancer develops. A breeding ground from which innovation and new therapeutic approaches can sprout. Basic research takes place at universities and hospitals and is largely funded by foundations such as Swiss Cancer Research.

So that research is also carried out for rare types of cancer.
Many cancers are relatively rare. Unfortunately, developing therapies for rare cancers is usually not profitable for pharmaceutical companies because the potential market is too small. To ensure that research conducted for people suffering from rare types of cancer, organizations such as the Swiss Cancer Research foundation are needed.

So that patients can benefit from international progress.
The more recognized Swiss researchers are, the more in demand they are as partners for international research projects. And the more directly findings from around the world reach patients in Switzerland. Your donations help ensure that Swiss Cancer Research is among the best in the world.

So that more and more patients with cancer can be cured.
The chances of surviving cancer have been increasing for years. But cancer is still responsible for nearly one in four deaths in Switzerland. Swiss Cancer Research is doing everything it can to further improve therapies so that more and more people can be cured or continue to live with cancer with a good quality of life.